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MoringaMio is a small company with big aspirations. We don't mean money (although that's nice too), we mean improving our world one day at a time. And every day begins with choices. What we put in our bodies is one of those few choices we have complete control over. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is easier now more than ever, yet even health conscious people struggle with time limitations, label reading and energy levels. Moringa has the power to change that, and at MoringaMio we can deliver moringa's power right to your doorstep.

A true super food, moringa oleifera has been boosting nutrition in Asia and Africa for centuries. In recent years it has gained recognition in the western world, including a cover article in TIME Magazine and being featured on The View and Dr. Oz television shows.

At MoringaMio, we strive to bring you the highest quality moringa oleifera available. Our 100% USDA organic, non-GMO and vegan moringa is grown in Ecuador and then processed and packaged in the USA.

"Our mission is simple: We want you and your family to experience optimal health and wellness. Because healthy people are happy people. And happy people are more productive, more energetic and, well, nicer to be around." - Colm FitzGerald

Our introduction to Moringa

A few years ago my dad mentioned moringa during one of our frequent conversations: "I met this guy who grows a tree that is packed with nutrients and can be a solution to worldwide malnutrition," he said. Now my dad is a constant source of both great and hair-brained ideas, so I was a tad skeptical to be honest.

At the time we held monthly meetings about backyard farming and other community projects at his home in California. There was a procession of guest speakers promoting all sorts of organic methods, special diets and lifestyles. A revolving door of do this, don't do that and eat this, not that. 

A few months passed, and before I knew it my dad had moringa saplings growing in his garden. As the trees grew, I made a habit of going out and eating a few leaves when I visited. Sometimes I'd sprinkle the leaves into salads; the nutty, slightly bitter taste added punch to dishes. My dad then bought a bag of moringa leaf powder which I spooned into smoothies. I felt energetic, had increased mental clarity and simply felt good. Was I imagining things or was it the moringa?

Last year, while looking for a new business opportunity, moringa sprung to mind. I hadn't supplemented my diet with it in years but its effects where fresh in my memory. After much research I found a reputable and reliable source of organic moringa. To top it off, the leaves are processed and packaged in the USA. Having read reviews and stories of sub-par moringa powder arriving from abroad, finding a quality source was my utmost priority.

With the strength of our products and a commitment to ensuring you--our customer--receives the best service, MoringaMio offers unparalleled access to nature's most nutritional whole food complex. 

To your health and prosperity,

Colm M. FitzGerald




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